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Are you thinking of owning a business in Nigeria? Or you already have one with a name which is not recognized? The only way to get your business recognized is to register it. Registering your business means you are telling the government that you exist and that your business is yours and by so doing, you can then be regarded as a legitimate business owner and legal entity , this gives credibility, enhance it’s visibility and boost the profit margin of your business .

NOTE: This guide is for entrepreneurs who have decided to operate as a registered business name, not corporation, limited liability company, partnership or nonprofit .

Despite the bad experiences entrepreneurs had with the online reg portal, I have taken my  precious time to draft out everything you need to know just to make sure you don’t run into troubles and spend more than you expected.

This guide will hold you by the hand and walk you through successful business registration in just 48hrs without leaving you bed.

Going out and spending countless of times on CAC office just to register a business is very tedious, tiring and absolutely time consuming especially as a busy and business person.

 I remember the queue I saw waiting for this guy to register their business name with the sum of #15,000 when I went to collect my certificate, some were encouraged to come the following week and some never had the patience and possibility to get their business registered. I believe you know anything that involves queuing in Nigeria is always frustrating 

But you should also know that registering your business yourself on CAC online portal could be the worst because the portal requires the knowledge of E-transaction, uploading of data with accurate file format, and sometimes saver down time occurs of which you have no option than to be patient, and less I forget, when you make a slight mistake, sometimes it takes a day for them to give you respond.

Here are some frustrating experiences people got with the online reg portal

Worst thing about these bad experiences is that entrepreneurs jump into CAC online portal and start registering their business themselves without proper guide and directions of experienced persons who have understood the in and out of the system.

Imagine experiencing these kind of setbacks as a business man/woman, this is terrible.

Too many complaints, but if we stick to them, believe me we are not going to leave this site today, but for time, let’s proceed.

 Don’t Be Weary, I am Going To Teach You How To Successfully Register Your Business Name Right There In Your Office Or Home

i will reveal to you

  • How to successfully get your reserved names
  • How to get your business names approved in just 2hrs
  • How to avoid the risk of paying 30k on the integrated payment gateway and paying 80k to any lawyer
  • How to process your business reg form without setback
  • How to avoid the extra cost on checkout dashboard
  • How to verify if your suggested business name is taken already and how to avoid that
  • Business names that could only be acceptable by CAC
  • The acceptable file format by CAC
  • How to get your availability code without stress
  • How to successfully collect your cert without rejecting of any kind during collection
  • How to receive your RC number without stress and lots more..

I have compiled everything you need to know into a single portable document file format titled

“CAC Online Registration Guide”.

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Of course this guide is not free if you had thought it was.

Based on the explicit how-to do guide contained on this book, the cost is


But the discount price is N4,500 if you are able to get your copy before 26th June 2019

If you think N4,500 is too expensive for you to avoid spending close to N40,000 just to register a business name, please go ahead and register your it yourself and experience the super story, better still, here are internet marketers making money regitering business names for clients

Somebody is registering business names at N20,450, and i am giving you the opportunity to be an agent and absolute guide on how to successfully register yours for  just N4,500


How do i download the guide please?

it’s very easy to download the guide. Click on the button and pay with your card, bank transfer, GTB 737  or VISA QR

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Or you can do a direct transfer, see details bellow

Zenith: 2116128041 Uwadia Isaiah
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After you have paid N4,500 for the guide, send a payment notification message to With The Subject “CAC Online Registration Guide”

Include The Following In Your Message

  1. The Bank name that you paid into the/mode of payment
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  3. Your name
  4. Your phone number
  5. Your e-Mail address
  6. Depositor’s name
  7. Your Location, i.e- Lagos, Ebonyi, Kano, etc.
  8. Source of Information, i.e-Google, Facebook, Moneylandforum, Through a friend e.t.c.
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Your package will be delivered to your email address upon payment confirmation.

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